We ensure that all elements of the fundraising activities will be handled efficiently and professionally so you can focus on all the other aspects to ensure a successful event. On the day of the event, we will prepare and arrange the display of the items, greet the guests, parade the items, run the Silent Auction, establish the successful bidders and take payments. At an event itself, we distribute the brochures and are professionally proactive and on hand to answer any questions, provide any knowledge about an auction item, and gently encourage a bid to enhance the money raised for you.


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Setting Up

Well before guests arrive, the Signature team arrive at the venue with all our items. The items are unpacked and attractively displayed in an appropriate location/s. Bidding brochures are placed on the guests’ seats in preparation for their arrival.

Guest Arrival

As guests arrive, our polite and charismatic staff greet them and chat about the Silent Auction; letting them know how to bid and provide information about the items on offer.

Bidding Encouragement

We are professionally proactive and on hand to answer any questions, provide any knowledge about an auction item, and gently encourage a bid to enhance the money raised for you.

Silent Auction Form Collection

Bidders complete the silent auction forms and our staff collect these at a suitable time. Once all the forms are in, our team determines who the highest bidders are. They are then informed that they have won.

Taking Payment

We provide wireless payment machines and can accept all methods of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, cash and Cheque. While guests pay, our team pack and prepare items which can be given on the night or delivery can be arranged for a more appropriate time. Any unsold items are taken back by the Signature team without any charge.

Reaching your Target?

At the end of the event the Signature event manager will inform you of the approximate amount raised for the cause. A full spreadsheet breakdown will be sent within a few working days of the event.

Post Event

At Signature, we understand that just because the event is over, this doesn´t mean the work is finished! There are many tasks that require your attention. With our service, we provide close post-event customer service, which includes: liaising with the successful bidders, collecting outstanding payments, arranging delivery of items and more. We will send you frequent updates to ensure that we can reach our deadline of transferring the full amount of charity profit to you within 2 weeks.

Outstanding Payment Collection

If any payments are not able to be taken on the night, Signature Auctions ensures that payment is collected as soon as possible after the event.

Item Delivery

Outstanding items, including donated items, are delivered by Signature Auctions.

Presenting the Profit

Signature Auctions Ltd is committed to paying you within two weeks and will present you with a cheque totalling 100% of profit above the reserve bids and 100% for all profit from any donated items.

Supply Only

Alternatively if you just require a few items to ‘top up’ what you have managed to get donated, we are able to supply any of our items to you on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis for you to include in your live or silent auction. We pay to get the items shipped out to you and we simply invoice you for the sold items after the event. There is absolutely no risk or initial outlay to you!

Silent auctions

A silent auction is like a sealed bid auction, your guests are invited to look at the auction lots, read information in a brochure or screen and view the auction reserve and with suggested bid figures. They are only able to make one bid per item, but may bid on multiple items. This system ensures the greatest value bids are placed against each item.