Signature Auctions have been providing prizes for auctions since 2007 and have helped some of the country’s biggest fund-raising organisations boost their profits. We consider all events and we always tailor our services to your specific needs. If you are not sure which service would suit your event, please call our enquiries team to advise you.



Welcome to Signature

We boost the fundraising for organisations by providing professionally trained staff and quality items/experiences to enhance the event with a return on investment for the donator and no risk or cost for our clients. We do 90% of our events through word of mouth recommendations and meeting people at our existing events, I know we can make an enormous difference to the amount raised at selected events, here is why:-

Our business model is simple; we own over 2000 pieces of authentic, signed and framed memorabilia (so we know where every item has come from). We provide as many or as few items as you require. We also offer interesting and unique experiences, such as spa days and mini-breaks, and exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ moments like a Premiership footballer meet & greet and the opportunity to be a Fire Fighter for the day. We provide all of the auction items free of any cost or obligation with a reserve price. Every penny achieved over the reserve is for the charity to keep. The reason we are able to provide our professional service to you at no cost or risk, is because our profit margin is built into the agreed reserve – we pride ourselves on total transparency.


Mission Statement
To boost the fundraising of hardworking organisations by providing professionally trained staff, quality items and experiences to enhance the event with a return on investment for the donator at no risk or cost for our clients.

Our Philosophy
To raise as much money for the chosen cause as we possibly can at the specific event which we are attending, this is done by the research prior to the event, the activity during the event and our reliability after the event.

Before the event we will meet with you to understand your fundraising goal and the profile of the event. We then discuss the pieces to be included in your auction and create a list of unique items. We will also take this opportunity to learn about your event and any logistical/timing issues. From our considerable experience we can offer insight on how best to plan your event schedule to ensure that the maximum amount of money can be raised on the night!

Silent Auction Forms
Once you have approved the list, high quality bespoke auction bidding brochures with your event details on are created and printed by us at NO COST to you. You can also feature a charity advert or message within this form.

Why you should use Signature Auctions

  • As specialist fundraisers our systems and staff work better with no hassle and raise more money than the charity/benefactors running this side of the event themselves.
  • We have a wealth of experience & have run the fundraising at events and have raised an amazing sums of money for charitable causes.
  • There is no risk, cost or fees involved in working with us, you will generate more funds with us there than if were not, simple as that.
  • Our auctions not only raise valuable funds but they also add an extra element of entertainment to your event, playing its part in keeping your guests happy.
  • Our unique and proactive take on fundraising, differentiates us from other fundraising companies. We also use the best designers and framers in this business for our Auction pieces, our professionalism also means it does not take away from the main event.
  • We place great emphasis on keeping our income transparent, so you will know exactly which items were bid on and for how much. We want all parties involved to know where they stand at all times.
  • If all of the above sounds good to you, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Key People

Simeon Jackson
Simeon JacksonDirector

Simeon is the driving force behind Signature, he believes passionately about providing a professional support service to our clients – He genuinely wants to help every charity or organisation we engage with and always makes sure we go the extra mile.

Simon Williams (On the left)
Simon Williams (On the left)Creative Manager
Simon manages the creative team, he makes sure the signed memorabilia items are stunningly presented to enable us to raise as much money for the cause as possible. You can email Simon directly on
Felix Long
Felix LongBusiness Development
Felix is our Business Development Manager, he speaks to potential clients about their events and explains how we help, he will also attend the event to make sure everything runs smoothly with the team and also help to encourage your guests to support the cause and place a bid.

Support Staff

Matthew Barnwell
Matthew Barnwell Senior Designer
Matt looks after all aspects of our marketing design, He uses his expert eye to photograph the items for the auction brochures or tablets. One of his regular tasks is to create the artwork that we use to support your event so guests and sponsors will be really impressed with the effort ‘you’ have made.
Kelly Bennett
Kelly Bennett Administration Manager
Kelly manages the administration team and ensures all aspects of the business coordinate between departments, Kelly is generally the pre and post event organiser making sure everything is correct and ready to go to an event. Her support with processing any outstanding payments after an event is second to none.